Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Many of you have come to know and love our team, developing personal connections with them as they exceed your clinical staffing needs. They are so much more than their job titles, and they contribute so much to the growth and success of Clinical Resources. Each day over the next two weeks, you will meet a member of our team and learn about what they contribute here! Now if you'd like, take some time to #MeetTheTeam!

Meet Ken Cribbs, our Staffing Assistant Superhero.

Ken takes good care of you- consultants, he's working to keep all things in order even when you don't know it! Day-to-day, Ken puts new consultants into our database, Blue Sky, makes sure all of the proper paperwork is filled out, and maintains records for all consultants and their respective facilities. In addition to all of this, he assists the other staffing coordinators with job postings and related tasks! Chances are, if you are a consultant, Ken has seen your name or spoken to you over the phone. His organizational know-how and communicative capabilities make him a perfect fit for his position!

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