Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#MeetTheTeam Part 5!

Here's #MeetTheTeam Part 5!

Meet Chanel Mercado, our Staffing Coordinator Star!
Chanel specializes in…well, everything. Chanel's role here has been quite dynamic. When she first started at Clinical Resources, she was handling our internal operations and communications. Today, she places interim professionals nationwide for us. Chanel has been at Clinical Resources since nearly the beginning, and with us, she has watched it grow. In addition to working diligently on placements and finding the perfect candidates, she is a friendly adviser to all of us in the office. She is friendly and bubbly, and we can’t get enough of how she says coffee (coo-ah-fee)! She troubleshoots any problems she’s having, and will help you with yours. Chanel is our rock, and our rock star.

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