Friday, June 14, 2013

#MeetTheTeam Part 3!

Friday has finally rolled around and we are so excited to introduce you to another member of our outstanding team! If you’ve been keeping up with #MeetTheTeam, keep doing so, as you will learn how all of our talented teammates fit together in the office. Here’s Part 3!

Meet Arlen Crawford, Recruitment Specialist and problem-solving extraordinaire! Arlen brings a lot to the table here.  With decades of staffing and candidate sourcing experience, Arlen knows the staffing industry inside and out. He understands that no matter the industry, diligence in finding world-class candidates is important. He knows exactly what to look for in a potential candidate, and makes sure that everyone is happy with placements. If you’ve ever spoken with Arlen over the phone, you’d know it because of his friendly voice and pleasant demeanor. And in case you were wondering, he knows his Southern rock music. 

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