Thursday, June 20, 2013

Graduation Day!

Tuesday was the big day! Our President and CEO, Jennifer Scully, graduated! No, she didn't go back to college for another degree; it was from the Georgia Mentor Protege Connection!

The Georgia Mentor Protege Connection is put on by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC) with the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) and Georgia Tech's Enterprise Innovation Institute each year! How it works is every year, smaller firms apply to be mentored by successful, larger companies. They go through a rigorous application process and are then matched up with an appropriate mentor. 

Last year, Clinical Resources was matched up with Wells-Fargo.  Jennifer's mentor was Lesley Fluke, VP, Principal of Business Banking. The encompassing goal of the program is to create jobs and spur economic growth throughout Georgia by growing small business, like ours. And how appropriate that it is the 50th Annual Small Business Week? 

Over the past 12 months, Jennifer has assessed her past and present with her mentor in order to plan for the future. During the program, they have met on numerous occasions to report and analyze progresss and take all the steps necessary to achieve their 3 set goals.

Proteges are paired with mentors from successful companies headquartered in Georgia or companies that have a heavy presence here. They are not limited to any one industry, and have a well-rounded image. Many of them have already been long-standing partners with the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council. The relationships the proteges develop with their mentors and can be integral in helping the smaller firms grow. 

The timeline of the program looked like this:

June - Mentor/Protege Orientation at the Coca-Cola Company
July - Reporting Session 1 and Educational Forum on Strategic Planning
September - Reporting Session 2 and Educational Forum on Finance
November - Reporting Session 3 and Educational Forum on Sales
January - Reporting Session 4 and Educational Forum on Marketing
March - Annual Retreat & Expo on Technology
April - GMSDC Minority Business Summit and Business Opportunity Expo 
May - Reporting Session 5 and Educational Forum on Operations & Infrastructure
June - Graduation Ceremony hosted by Delta Air Lines
With networking events in August, October and February

"The Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection is a business development partnership between the State of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Enterprise Innovation Institute administered by Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC). It provides opportunities for Georgia small businesses to benefit from a partnership with a corporate mentor for a period of one year. Emerging firms can build relationships, explore new technologies, learn about best practices and benefit from the wisdom of corporate executives who are committed to the long-term health and overall growth of small businesses in Georgia. The goal of the program is to help small businesses to be successful over the long haul, by helping them to develop capacity, enhance their skill sets and become more competitive. Research has shown that access to the right kind of coaching and mentoring significantly increases the success rate in small business, while both the mentor and the protégé benefit tremendously from their interaction."

Last night, we had a mixer at the office after hours to catch up with our GMPC friends! 

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