Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Into Leadership!

While most anyone can recognize that care providing and successful outcomes are a team effort, it's integral to stand up and stand out as a leader! This March we encourage you to build on your strengths and tune-up your weaknesses to become a stronger leader in any healthcare setting and impact the people around you in a positive way.

To heck with the box!- Thinking outside of the box to provide positive outcomes in a healthcare setting is an amazing skill. Being able to think on the fly or do with limited resources is a skill that few possess. Of course you should rely on standards, policies, and precedents as a base, but when faced with challenges tap into your unique knowledge.

Be strategic- Considering the grand scheme of things when making decisions makes it that much easier. If you can understand how one small change can shape the distant outcomes, you will rise above in your team. Always keep in mind who decisions will affect and how.

Know the difference between leading and managing- The best listeners are the best leaders. Sometimes it's OK to take a hands-off approach, and other times one may have to step in and take the lead. You can lead the charge without commanding members of your team, and you would be amazed at the productivity of a highly-motivated and well-lead team. 

Be part of the team!- Lead by setting an example! Lead more so by your actions and less by your words. Emulating a horizontal structure throughout a (healthcare) system is great because everyone feels equally accountable and responsible.