Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We're Off to Carolina!

Tomorrow, Jennifer and Sadie will be attending the Emerging Business Opportunities Conference (EBOC) in Florence, South Carolina! Look out, SC!

Sponsored by the gamed General Electric, the 3rd Annual EBOC seeks to foster business development and success in a challenging economic environment like today's. It's an exchange of suppliers and buyers in the Carolinas, and it gives businesses like ours the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with corporations like GE, Honda, and Sonoco. You will often find us at many Atlanta networking events or healthcare organization events, but we wanted to make it clear that our business is in all arenas, and developing it means better quality of service for our clients and consultants. The conference will give us the opportunity to get our hands on something new and even build relationships with global corporations. The most exciting part about it all is we will take part in organized corporate matchmaking sessions (they're like business blind dates!). Look out for us there!

Some fun facts about Florence, South Carolina:

1. In the fiscal year of 2005-06, the city issued 3,918 business licenses!

2. Florence has a population of 31,000

3. There are 19.8 square miles within the city limits

Conferences like this one are important to us because they present us with the opportunity to grow. You will find that the businesses that succeed are the ones that are constantly seeking new knowledge and experiences. While we are professionals in our field with much experience and knowledge, no one person is a true expert; we take pride in the constant pursuit of knowledge and growth.

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