Friday, October 15, 2010

American Staffing Association (ASA) Clinical Resources Attends Annual Confererence in Las Vegas!

Executive team members, Crystal Chin, VP of Operations and Sadie Kulla, VP of Operational Finance, of Atlanta based Clinical Resources attend the ASA Annual Conference in Las Vegas. This exciting and informative event with the theme of "Leading the Way: The Future of Work Force Management" was held October 12-15th!

The "great recession" reset the global economy to a "new normal"  and everyone is learning to do more with less. To excel in the new normal, businesses like Clinical Resources must rethink their strategies. Talent, agility, and leadership are more important than ever—and we can help clients reconsider their models, optimize their talent, and adapt to change.

The staffing industry is already creating new jobs, boosting client profitability, and strengthening the economy. Firms are poised to lead the way into the new normal.

To do that, staffing firms need to study new trends, discover innovative ideas, and understand clients' wants and needs. Firms need to demonstrate that creativity, leadership, and expertise to consult with clients to develop work force management strategies and tactics that will lead to their success.

Clinical Resources is prepared for the future of work force management and leading the way!

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