Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clinical Resources adopts technology for electronic documents with DocuSign

Clinical Resources adopts new technology to execute a “Green Initiative” by launching a paperless Contract and Documents system. Clinical Resources has chosen DocuSign, a company that has proven to help clients reduce costs, related to sending, storing, and managing paper contracts and agreements by up to 80%, Be Faster, by getting contracts and agreements back in minutes, even with mobile technology, such as Blackberry’s and IPhones. The system will improve customer satisfaction, by allowing signers the convenience of signing anytime; from anywhere they have online access. The company hopes to have the system fully functioning by the end of September!


  1. We're excited that you're going green with electronic signature from DocuSign! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything!!

    An Bui
    DocuSign Social Media

  2. Its really good that companies are opting to go Green.It will really save papers and inter trees.Good attempt.All the very best to you.You are right that this system will improve customer satisfaction